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Monthly meeting on May 16, 2017
-From Gary

Hi orchid enthusiasts!

Hoping you have been able to enjoy the sunshine and warmer days lately. Spring is upon us at last. Saw the first hummingbird yesterday! The NOS will meet at Engwalls Garden Center on Hermantown Road Tuesday, May 16th, at 6:00 for social time and the meeting will start at 6:30. If the main drive is closed just drive past the Floral Center and take the gravel road down to the Garden Center. (I'm not sure when the Garden Center closes). Bring any plants for sale, show or raffle. And of course, any interested friends too. Bring any orchid questions.

We are also taking dues now: $10 for the year. $5 if you already belong to another DGFS club. We will be preparing for the Duluth Flower Garden Society Plant Sale May 27th, Saturday at 8:00am sharp at the Rose Garden parking lot. NOS will have tables to sell orchids, garden perennials, and other starter plants you may have going! As this is a fund raiser for our club, the NOS will get 15% from sales. I hope that you will be able to contribute some plants for this event or just come down and check out the numerous garden club offerings. Get those divisions going! More to come... Thanks, and hope you can make it Tuesday.

Thanks, Gary


Welcome to Northland Orchid Society!

Can you grow an orchid? It's easier than you think and it's fun and rewarding!

Thanks for taking the time to visit the Northland Orchid Society (NOS) website. Whether a beginner or an expert orchid grower, you will find all the wonderful things our site has to offer, and you are welcome to join the society if you are not already involved.

Like the passion you have for orchids, NOS membership is a truly rewarding experience. NOS provides a forum for us to meet and learn from each other on how to grow various kinds of orchids in you home. The annual orchid sale and various guest speaker and orchid show events allow us to share the appreciation and cultivation of orchids as a hobby.

Upcoming events

The NOS is planning to participate in the Duluth Garden Flower Society's sale at the Duluth Rose Garden parking lot Saturday, May 27th at 8:00 am sharp, where members can sell orchids or garden plants.

The NOS is working on having a speaker on Friday, August 18th, who will bring plants to sell!

Our annual NOS Plant Sale, Display and Repotting Service is planned for September 17th at Engwalls.

St. Paul Winter Carnival Orchid Show and Sale January 28-29. See pictures here.


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