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Mar. 20, 2018 NOS meeting

Well orchid folks, we will finally have our meeting this week. Some of our orchids are responding to the longer daylight hours with new roots and new growths. Try to be ready to repot orchids that need it so they have a better chance to grow good root systems. Maybe we can even get some divisions to be able to sell at our plant sales! Remember to use sterile tools when repotting to prevent virus transfer. Topics to consider are 2018 plant sale dates, possible speakers and other orchid talk suggestions. We can review the Como Show and the awarded plants! And much more... FYI, The American Orchid Society has online membership, without the magazine delivered, for $40/ year. See www.aos.org.

We will be having social time around 6:00 with the meeting starting at 6:30 at Farley's, which is at Stebner Rd and Miller Trunk Hwy. If you plan to have a meal come early to order if possible. It is fine to come later though! Please bring any interested friends, and plants for show, sale or raffle. Also, Julie Calligure is giving an orchid talk to her Park Point garden club and is in need of about 6 cane type dendrobium starts. So if you have any to spare for a good cause please bring them on Tuesday. She has pots I believe. Thanks much, see you soon who are not on vacations!



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St. Paul Winter Carnival Orchid Show and Sale January 26-27, 2018. See a Youtube video here.


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